• Registering and Related Policies
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  • The Project Inspire Registrations are done through the PDE3 website (http://pde3.k12.hi.us)
  • Before registering, make sure to review the General Course Requirements and Policies and the course syllabus posted on the PDE3 website.
  • Prior approval from your principal or supervising administrator is needed in order to count these courses towards teacher reclassification.
    • The course syllabus can be found on the PDE3 website by clicking on the course title and then clicking on "Additional Information" on the left-side window area. There will be a "Download PDF" option at the top-right of the course syllabus.
      • You will need to register initially on the "Wait List"
      • After completing your "Wait List" registration, you will need to submit your Course Fee Payment
    • Course Fee Payments Options:
      • Cash or Personal Check
      • Certified or Cashier's Check
      • Bank or Money Order
    • The Course Fee for Project Inspire courses are $200 per course. 
      • Note: Some courses may be offered at a discounted rate . Please refer to the Project Inspire session flyer for details.
    • Course Fee is Non-Refundable
    • Submit a separate check for each course you are registering for.
    • Please note the Course Section# and abbreviated Course Title on each separate payment.
    • Make checks payable to
      • Department of Education (Vendor# 120523)
    • Mail payment to:

      Hawaii Department of Education
      Project Inspire Program
      475 22nd Avenue Bldg 302 Room 211
      Honolulu, HI 96816