• Getting Started with Project Inspire
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  • How many courses can I take during one session? +

    Due to the intensity of the course work, it is recommended for first time Project Inspire participants take one course first to get a feel for the online course format and workload.

    For full-time classroom teachers, it is recommended to not take more than two (2) courses concurrently to balance with their regular classroom work commitments.

  • Are all of the courses offered each session? +

    Yes, all Project Inspire course offerings are offered each session. However, the course offerings may change to introduce new courses and/or to discontinue courses with low enrollment.
  • Do I need to have actual K-12 students for the Learning Results Portfolio student sample work requirement? +

    One of the key components for the Project Inspire course is to complete a Learning Results Portfolio that includes student sample work. It is best to use actual K-12 students when gathering student sample work from your classroom. However, it is possible upon approval from the course instructor and/or Project Inspire Program manager to use fellow teachers/staff members as "student substitutes" for the student sample work requirement.
  • How do I get a copy of the course fee payment receipt for the Project Inspire courses I registered for? +

    Course fee payment receipts for Project Inspire course registrations are available in the PDE3 system (http://pde3.k12.hi.us)
  • Is there any actual "face-to-face" classroom time or is it all on-line? +

    The majority of courses are online courses. You do not need to physically attend classes at a specific location. Many courses do hold synchronous meetings where you do need to meet online at the same time, similar to a webinar. We do offer a few hybrid/blended courses that will be part face-to-face and part online.
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