• Getting Started with Project Inspire
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Drop Policy

  • Dropping from a course means the participant no longer wants to take a course that they registered for before the start of the session.

  • Drop requests may be submitted anytime before the start of the session but must be received before the registration process is completed after course fee payment has been received.
  • The Course Fee payment is Non-Refundable and there NO course fee refunds after the course fee payment has been submitted.


Withdrawal Policy

  • Withdrawing from a course means the participant no longer wants to continue participating in a course.

  • Participants may request to withdraw from a course at anytime after the start of the session up until the last day of the session.

  • Withdraw requests must be submitted by email to the Course Instructor and/or Project Inspire Program Manager.

  • Withdraw request must include the following information:
    • First and Last Name
    • Project Inspire Course Number/Name
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Contact Email Address
    • Reason for Withdraw Request

  • There are NO course fee refunds for withdrawal requests.

  • Participants withdrawing from a course will receive a "No Credit - Withdraw" PDE3 grading status in the OHR-PDE3 transcript/system.

  • If the participant plans to retake the course, a request to retake the course must be sent to the Project Inspire Program Manager to enable the participant to register for the course again in the OHR-PDE3 system.

Late Assignment Policy

  • Participants are responsible for submitting assignments in a timely manner by the respective deadline and shall notify the instructor if they will not be able to complete an assignment on time.

  • Assignments submitted after the Due Date will receive 10% grade point deduction each day (up to 5 days after the Due Date).
    • Assignments will not be accepted after the 5th day and will be marked as a zero "0" and considered "Incomplete"
    • Weekends shall count as 1 day

  • Participants may submit a request for extension without penalty to the Course Instructor with an explanation of the circumstances BEFORE the assignment Due Date.

  • Requests submitted ON or AFTER the Due Date will only be considered under extenuating circumstances.

  • Participants who are behind 3 or more "Incomplete" assignments will be contacted by the Course Instructor and/or Project inspire Program Manager to confirm their participation status and to identify any intervention support strategies needed.
    • Participants who fall too far behind to complete the course successfully may opt to withdraw and/or retake the course.

No Credit Grade Policy

  • To complete the course successfully, participants must meet the following requirements:
    • Complete all course requirements (includes completing a Learning Results Portfolio) defined in the Course Syllabus.
    • Have an 80% or better grading status for all assignments and activities for the course in the Blackboard Learming Management System.
    • OHR/PDE3 office approves the selected LRPs for the course.

  • Participants who are not able to complete the above requirements will receive a "No Credit - Registered" grading status.

  • Participants may also receive a "No Credit - Registered" grading status if all communication attempts  to confirm their participation are unsuccesful and they are no longer actively participating in the course.